Bacuna- Dont call me Beckham

The Dutchman is starting to make a name for himself, both in the club and through the Premier League, as something of a dead ball specialist, after firing a pin point effort from 20-yards past Joe Hart at the end of September.

This weekend's strike, though, may be even more important than he goal that pulled his side level against the title challengers, as Leandro's finish helped to bring an end to both a goal drought of over 7 hours, and a four game winless run.

"The relief comes for you guys," said Lambert after breaking his sides difficult run.

"It's not for myself. I know what the lads give me , I know exactly what they're doing, I know exactly what they're doing in training. I thought we were the better team throughout the afternoon."

However relaxed Lambert has been about his side's recent run of form there was no doubting he was excited to see his right back's stunning effort dip over the wall from 25-yards-out to take the lead against a organised and unflustered Cardiff City.

"I thought against Manchester City his goal was world class and I think that surpasses it because I think he was wider out and he's got to make the ball come back in. It was a terrific goal."

Bacuna, however, differed slightly with his manager on which if his two efforts he preferred.

"Against Man City was my favourite," said the 22-year-old.

"They both were good, they were both at the right moment for the team and for myself also."

Since his arrival at Villa Park in the summer, Bacuna has moved around the pitch and has proven to be a versatile player in a side that, according to the manager, isn't "the strongest in depth."

The man who started out as a striker in his youth has played on the left and right wings, at both fullback and in midfield and appears happy to move about the squad as long as he's on the pitch.

"I'm playing now, at the moment I'm playing right back and I'm enjoying it. It's the first time in a couple of games that I've played there so I'm really enjoying it. That's the position I'm playing but if I'm playing another position then it's the gaffers choice and at the moment I'm playing right back.

"I will just keep doing what I'm doing."

For now, the utility man is, who lives next door to Christian Benteke, the player whose thunder he is stealing, is happy to be doing his job for a much improved Villa side, with both he and his manager happy to enjoy his talent with a dead ball, without getting too carried away with the comparisons.

"I'll let you have that one," said the Villa boss when others tried to compare Bacuna to the likes of David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo.

"He's his own man and if he does it again..... If he can keep doing that then I'll let you have that."

"I think every player that takes free kicks wants to take them in their own way," replied Leandro to the comparisons with the worlds elite set piece takers.

"Of course you're going to look at how other players take them so you can see what they're doing but I think every player takes their free kicks in their own way.

"You need to keep practising them and everybody who takes free kicks practises."


Source: DSG