Jack Grealish to Manchester United - The Summer Signing That Makes Sense

In recent years, Manchester United's recruitment has been incredibly confusing. 

Transfers have been bizarre, contract offers have been downright appalling, and United just so happen to have fallen into a major rut as a result. It's clear that things need to change.

That need for improvement has seen a number of players linked with a switch to Old Trafford. But if United can only sign one, Aston Villa's Jack Grealish has to be that one.

Jack Grealish

If you look at Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's current squad, you'll likely find a lot of problems. However, one of the most concerning issues is the startling lack of excitement, creativity and ability to make things happen.

Jesse Lingard and Andreas Pereira look allergic to making positive choices on the football pitch, while 31-year-old Juan Mata's best days are undoubtedly behind him. 

Solskjaer is clearly aware of that, given his desire to bring in Bruno Fernandes in January. The Portugal international is exactly what ​United need, but he can't do it alone. He needs support, and that should come from Grealish.

The 24-year-old has been arguably the most exciting player in the ​Premier League this season. With the ball at his feet, Grealish is always looking for the right pass or the opportunity to beat a defender, and more often than not, he has the ability to pull it all off.

It's sort of a predictable unpredictability. You know that Grealish is going to do something to embarrass you, but you have no idea what that will be or how to stop it.

United don't have a player like that. Their attacks will often break down because players are paralysed by fear and confusion about the next move. That is not the case with Grealish.

His talent is clear, and the way in which he would improve United on the pitch is obvious, but goals and assists don't tell the whole story.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

While United have simply been bad at football this year, one of the things which has contributed to that has been a lack of leadership. Regardless of who has worn the captain's armband - be it ​David de Gea or ​Harry Maguire - there is nobody in the squad who is capable of guiding others and keeping the team structured.

The responsibility has fallen on Maguire this season, but he is yet to really hit the heights which many expected. His inability to lead others around him has been alarming.

That's where Grealish comes in. He wears the armband at Villa Park because of his passion, intelligence and ability to keep his teammates on track. United need that now more than ever.

Grealish is always talking to his team to offer words of advice and encouragement. If a ​Villa player is in the wrong place, Grealish will say so. Not only does he pull the strings, but he's the one who lays those strings out in the first place.

Jack Grealish

Through that, his passion for the game is clear. He wants to be successful and he wants those around him to achieve as well. Whether that means scoring goals or flying back into defence to try and help, Grealish is ready to do it all for the good of the team.

For Grealish, it's all about winning games, playing attractive football and keeping everyone on track. He is everything United need.

Yes, there are other gaping holes in the squad which need plugging, but United have played their way down such a miserable avenue that they simply cannot afford not to turn to Grealish for the answer.

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Source : 90min