Premier League Admits Penalty Errors for All 3 Thursday Fixtures - FIFA to Resume VAR Control

The Premier League has admitted to making errors - both awarding and not awarding penalties - in all three of the top flight's Thursday fixtures.

Manchester United's Bruno Fernandes won a penalty for his side in their away clash to Aston Villa, James Ward-Prowse likewise for Southampton with a spot-kick against Everton, while Harry Kane should have won his side a penalty after being shoved in the back by Josh King at the Vitality Stadium.

The Premier League match centre told the BBC's Match of the Day regarding the Fernandes decision: "It was the wrong decision. It should have been overturned by VAR but wasn't and should actually have been a foul on Konsa."

Confirmation was also offered regarding the other two calls, confessing that both were incorrect.

Dean Smith called out the 'disgraceful' decision against his side, and was left bemused by VAR's lack of intervention, saying: "I can understand Jon [Moss, referee] getting it wrong but I don't know what VAR are looking at. They have a screen they can go and look at it but they don't seem to be bothered.

"Fernandes is trying a double drag-back - his first touch is on the ball, his second touch is on Ezri Konsa's shin."

Fernandes appearing to stamp on Konsa's leg at Villa Park

It has also been confirmed that FIFA will now take over control of VAR, a pre-planned move for the organisation to manage how the technology is implemented at the culmination of its four-year phasing into elite football process.

Legendary former referee Pierluigi Collina, chairman of FIFA's Referees' Committee, told Reuters of the plans moving forward. How VAR has been used across various competitions has differed somewhat, but FIFA's role is to apply a more uniform approach to its implementation.

"Another responsibility of FIFA’s is to have the laws of the game implemented all over the world in the same way, there cannot be different implementation of the laws of the game in different continents or different countries. Our responsibility is to ensure that football is played in the same way all over the world.

"It is FIFA and Ifab's responsibility to have the game played the same way across the world, for the benefit of those who are playing,"

Legendary Italian referee Pierluigi Collina

The rare usage by Premier League referees of pitchside monitors will be addressed, alongside rules around handball, offside and goalkeepers standing on their lines for penalties. More clarification is due on the matter in time for the 2020/21 football seasons.

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Source : 90min