A Review Of 'The Official Aston Villa Quiz Book'

Having recently been sent 'The Official Aston Villa Quiz Book', I felt it rude not to give it a read and attempt to see just how much I know about the club.

After much debating and deciding on answers, I came to the conclusion (albeit a somewhat predicatable one) that in fact I have plenty to learn.

The book, compiled by Chris Cowlin and Philip Solomon is clearly a test of your mettle when it comes to being a true Villan.

With a foreword by former Claret and Blue gaffer Graham Taylor OBE and packed with words of praise from former players, you can hardly come to the conclusion that it isn't worth giving the book a try.

There is a page dedicated to almost every Villa legend where you have to ask yourself things like 'Where did Juan Pablo Angel come from?' and 'In which year did Ron Saunders join the club?'.

There are match-up problems ranging from 'How many caps did each player?' win to 'Which nationality are these former stars?'.

It really is a tester of how much you know about one of your specialist subjects.

Priced at £9.99, it is reasonably cheap in the current climate, especially when you consider the amount of entertainment that you are sure to get out of it.

The primary quality of the literature is it's sheer simplicity. Some of the questions are set out in a way that even your children could understand and therefore it fits all ages, but obviously the history questions will be difficult for some.

The well presented teaser is certainly good fun and what's more it is all about the Villa. You couldn't ask for much more than that could you?

The title is available from Waterstones and all other book outlets.