Angel goes home

Angel’s wife is due to give birth any day now and Angel has flown back to Bogota to be at her side and will definitely not be available for selection at Charlton tomorrow and could struggle to return in time for the Birmingham derby on March 3rd.

Villa boss Graham Taylor told “After the problems with the first birth, Mrs Angel wanted to go home to Colombia and have the baby there. So Juan has gone to join her and if that rules him out of selection for one or two games, then so be it.

“I would not wish to go over old ground about what happened with the birth of their first baby, because I wasn’t here.

“But their second child is due this weekend and Juan has flown over to Colombia, so he won’t be available for selection for the next ten days or so.

"The thing is that there are things that are more important than a game of football.

“Juan is over there and he keeps in touch with us, so we know what’s happening. But he will be over there until the baby is born and it is expected this weekend.”