Emile Heskey mocked on hilarious FIFA 12 video tribute

The video depicts the Aston Villa forward as 'The Powerhouse' and the must-have player that everyone needs to play with on the newly-released FIFA 12.

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Over the bar: Heskey continues to smash the ball high over the crossbar

Heskey, who scored just seven goals during his England career, is highlighted with an amusing tag line coinciding with a hopeless strike, tackle or pass manipulated on the video game throughout the two minute 'tribute'.

There is a host of chances where Heskey blasts over the crossbar from yards out, which would have taken the maker, 'HamburgerYoungstars', a while to create as it is, as the saying goes, 'a lot harder to miss than score.'

Mishit: Heskey tries an ambitious bicycle kick that unsurprisingly doesn't come off

It is the latest in a list of online videos that attempt to recreate highlights of real-life games on FIFA, with another user recreating Fernando Torres' miss against Manchester United at Old Trafford last month.

While it will make for painful viewing for Heskey himself the video, which was uploaded on Monday, is sweeping social networking sites across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube where it will surely soon add to its surprisingly low hit count of 38,000 views.

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Source: Daily Mail