Gardner brothers target England call-up

Villa midfielder Gary and Sunderland counterpart Craig are set to lock horns in Saturday's Barclays Premier League encounter at Villa Park.

Gary said: "We've played in the same reserve side at Villa but the only time we've faced each other before was in the back garden as kids. People mention the Charlton brothers and the Neville brothers and I'd definitely love to be bracketed with these guys one day."

It will be a proud day for father Gary senior and mother Sharon, who will be present along with the other four Gardner brothers, Richard, Terry, Carl and Mark.

But Gary knows any family loyalty will have to be put to one side for the 90 minutes against the Black Cats.

He said: "It will be a proud day. I was with Craig on Wednesday. We played golf at the Belfry and had a good chat as we always do. We talk about normal things as brothers do as we are close as a family and put the football to one side.

"Myself and Craig have sorted out a box for the family on Saturday. There will be a lot of family members at the game.

"It is going to be a proud moment but the main thing is getting three points for Villa. We need the points. It will be a proud moment for the family but I've got to concentrate on getting three points."

Gary added: "I will treat it as a normal game. I tackle fair and, if the ball is to be won, I'll tackle fair and that's how it should be.

"Everyone is trying to focus on the fact because we are brothers we are going to back out and that's not the main thing. It's a normal football game and getting three points."

Source: PA

Source: PA