Hutton defends himself over tackle

Hutton came in for strong criticism over the Villa Park challenge from Baggies head coach Roy Hodgson, who described the tackle as "vicious" during last month's Barclays Premier League clash.

But, although sorry for causing the injury, Hutton has brushed aside Hodgson's criticism, and said: "To be honest, I don't even listen to it. Things happen in football but I would never go out and mean to hurt somebody."

He added: "I went to win the ball. The follow-through wasn't great but I would never go onto a pitch to hurt someone.

"It has happened to me before (getting injured) and I have just got on with it. Nobody means to go out and hurt anyone.

"Injuries happen every week. In football, decisions are made in split seconds. I broke my leg in a tackle.

"I'm sorry that (Long) was hurt and he was out for the length of time he was.

"Hodgson chose to say what he said and that's fine. He's a great player for them and I understand why (Hodgson) was angry.

"It doesn't bother me in the slightest. I don't tend to read into things."

Source: PA

Source: PA