McLeish wants NZogbia to improve

N'Zogbia has had a mixed first season at Villa Park since his ?9million summer move from Wigan but has been urged by McLeish to overcome his frustrations through hard work and performing consistently.

N'Zogbia let his emotions spill over after Sunday's 2-1 defeat at his former club Newcastle by writing on Twitter that he was not enjoying his football "for the first time in my career". McLeish said: "I've said it before, that Twitter and the social networks is not a world familiar to me."

He added: "Years ago, players would have hammered down the manager's door when they were frustrated rather than letting their feelings known on the internet.

"But it amounts to the same thing in that you just can't tell people you are frustrated, you have to do something about it by consistently playing well.

"If Charles is not enjoying his football, then he needs to do something about it on the pitch - and that applies to everyone and not just Charles N'Zogbia.

"It is not a coincidence the best moment Charles has had in a Villa shirt have come when he has been working hard - and that's when you get the best rewards in anything."

Meanwhile, McLeish confirmed Villa are considering yoga as a way of helping striker Gabriel Agbonlahor overcome his back and hamstring injury problems.

He said: "It is something we will be talking about with the doctor and fitness coach to see whether Gabby is going to embark on yoga. One or two players already do it here."

Source: PA

Source: PA