The Suspension of Bannan

However, at present they are only allegations as far as I can gather. Please note that I am working on the basis at the time of writing that they are allegations against him. If it has been subsequently proven he was drink driving I have written based on the facts available to me at the time.

PLEASE  do not go straight on the message board and suggest I condone drink driving, because I most certainly do NOT.

It has started to raise questions about football players and how their personal lives and antics seem to translate so easily and quickly to the club and their profession in a way that is not typical for other jobs.

I completely understand that football players do not have a 'normal' job, but they are ultimately paid employees of the club and have a task to perform. I am uncertain as to whether  suspension is the right course of action.

I do not condone Bannan's behaviour if it turns out to be true, but there is little point in suspending him when he should be made to work for the club and his wages given to any other person involved in the accident.

There is a lot of emphasis put on the fact that players are role models, which is true to a certain extent. But making an example of them by way of suspension does not really show any kind of punishment. Being made to work without payment may be more suitable, and with Bannan expected to make amends he should put in a good shift for the team.

There are also arguments to suggest that any occurences or indiscretions outside of work hours are personal matters and should stay that way. If, for example, a supermarket or factory employee had been subject to the same allegations then they would not be given time off work. It would be kept separate.

Again, admittedly they are perceived as role models, but highlighting these indiscretions and singling them out for suspension seems to put them even more on a pedestal. If they were treated normally and told to get on with their work and make amends it would perhaps be more constructive.

Again, I stress that I do not condone what Bannan has done, but I'm uncertain as to whether the suspension is the right course of action.

Would people rather see him have to work his socks off for the team and give any other driver, or a charity, a month's wages as punishment? And make him apologise to the fans before kick off.

I'm undecided whether it is the right or wrong way to go about it.

What does everyone else think?

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