Villa Fans Still Uncertain

Those that were spoken to on the Radio acknowledged the victory, but they all seemed to agree that it was "unconvincing", and that it was more to do with Wigan being poor rather than Villa being good.

I do not necessarily agree with this sentiment, and the weekend's victory is the latest installment in a surprisingly good start to this season. It does show, however, that there is still unrest in the Villa faithful.

Villa fans are entitled to hold any opinion they wish, and I will fervently defend their right to do so, and it does appear that these opinions are still generally reserved. Criticism regarding the lack of width and creativity is the most common- indicative of a continued uncertainty of McLeish and his reputed style of play.

Many supporters are behind the manager, but many still are not. The seemingly dull and defensive football that has been exhibited on occasion (first half against QPR) this season is what Villa fans feared would happen, and it is possible that opposition to the manager will persist until the play [or the manager] changes, regardless of the results.

The game on Saturday showed a good performance against what was admittedly a poor side, but it was a good performance nonetheless. Gabby was a particular highlight and it gave Martinez a display of what he missed out on.

If any Villa fan was asked at the start of the season if they would take an unbeaten run and seventh in the table at this stage, realistically they would have probably taken it. Therefore, it seems to be more about the standard of play rather that the actual result.

Supporters understandably want to see entertaining and good quality football, and until they do there will probably be a lot more pessimism. Hard-earned money is paid for season tickets, so supporters want to be entertained.

The next match at Man City will be a good indication of whether Villa can step up, or whether the fans' criticism is warranted. It should be an interesting game.