Match report for Mr. Lerner

Last updated : 01 February 2014 By Stateside Villa

 Mr. Lerner. Just a few short years ago you came in with your Bright future slogan and Villa enjoyed a decent time with good players. At the time Everton seemed to always be near the bottom of the league and enjoying decent runs at the end of the season to get Everton fans excited about the following season only for it to repeat.

Everton always seemed to complain of lack of funds yet found 15 million quid to buy Fellaini. Everton surrounded him with players that can play in the division, some old Man Utd cast offs.

While Villa sold off their decent players and allowed expensive players go for nothing, Everton cashed in Fellaini for a nice profit and shrewdly added decent players that fit in the division.

Villa are a shambles really and if things are going well, fine, but when things aren’t going so well it seems like there is nobody available capable of turning things around.

Yes, Villa has done miracles against Albion, but right now that club is almost as much a shambles as Villa.

At Goodison, surprisingly the tactics looked good for 45 minutes. Despite only 30% possession and conceding a ton of corners and a ton of real estate, Villa was actually controlling the game and how it flowed.

The second half was always going to be different and the introduction of Pienaar meant that Bacuna would be overloaded down the wing. Once Villa had no outlet it could not keep the ball up front. In fact every time the cameras would finish showing a replay or a crowd shot, (By the way Everton fans never smile) the ball was back in Everton possession.

Lambert countered by taking off the passenger Holt and gave Bacuna help with El Ahmedi, but if anything, Villa became worse as there was nobody playing off the forwards.

Everton sent on a second established player in Naismith. Eventually the defence buckled and he scored.

Lambert seemingly panicked. He took off Vlaar and replaced him with Albrighton. That left Baker and Clarke at the back and those two should NEVER be left alone together. It wasn’t long before Guzan was screaming at his defenders.

Everton went in front with a Bacuna like free kick.  Villa can feel a little hard done by. Mirallas went down to Clarkes challenge way to easily, but Clarke didn’t have to go for the ball anyway. Villa players had had at least half a dozen appeals for the same foul waved away by the homer ref, but he couldn’t wait to award that one.

Lambert threw on the amazing Tonev for Weimann as if that change could bring Villa a goal.

Villa then ran around in a panic and it only looked a matter of time before Everton added a third.

Lambert told Villa fans he wouldn’t panic buy in the January window and seems to believe the Villa fans stupid in wanting a player that can get the ball down and play in midfield. This was the perfect example of why they wanted this type of player. A decent player could have grabbed the ball held it up allowed Benteke and the passenger, Holt to get back up and into space and helped create a second chance in the game. Most of all the 5 defenders might have not been so tired.

So instead of panicking in the window, he had to panic in a game he could have taken at least a point.

So, Mr. Lerner either make funds available to Mr. Lambert or if you have and he is refusing to use it, find somebody who can, but this boring rubbish is fine as long as we get undeserved wins at Sunderland, but isn’t when you can’t win a game you are 1-0 up and controlling.