Out fought, out thought, out played, just out

Last updated : 11 August 2016 By Stateside Villa

Dr Xia’s plan to make Villa as big as Barcelona in 5 years took a huge step as we only lost 3-1 to Luton Town. Last season it might have been worse. In fact this game could have been worse as the hosts missed a host of chances.

It started well for Villa with the away side starting brightly and looking confident up until Ayew fought off three defenders to give Vila the lead.

Villa backed off and tried to break and the home side got back into the game with good simple direct football. Eventually, the visitors caved and the sides were level at the break.

DiMatteo made the odd decision to replace McCormack with Gestede and Hutton on for Baker and this ultimately cost Villa. Gestede did a great impression of the invisible man throughout the half. Hutton came on with a Billy big bollox attitude and promptly got beaten by the left winger within seconds of the re-start and spent the entire half giving possession away. Meanwhile, moving Richards into his favourite CB role allowed enough space for the Luton attackers to exploit with ease.

The confidence has gone from fragile to shot after this abysmal performance. Luck is a huge factor as well. Villa can’t buy any right now. Luton CB’s hit 4 deflections that all could have been disastrous, 2 hit the bar, 1 landed in the keepers hands and 1 went for a corner. Meanwhile two Villa deflections, 1 hit Grealish bounced to McGeehan 2-1 and Okore’s clearance went straight in for 3-1. Four goals conceded in 2 games all but one from lucky bounces.

But, to blame luck is unfair on Luton who wanted it more and played harder. Villa needs to send an SOS to any agent who has a player that is willing to spill his guts for Villa. So far we have Elphick and anyone else?

Bunn. So far the new signings, Elphick aside, have been underwhelming. Bunn was much more comfortable than Gollini, but failed to have the protection Gollini was afforded.

Richards. Was having a very good game until the fans got in his head over a couple of throw in incidents. Then was terrible at CB

Okore. Played well. Unlucky with the own goal.

Baker. Was looking comfortable. Could have been the injury when Villa scored that forced him off. But, isn’t that the case in every game he starts for us?

Amavi. Looked decent enough.

Tshibola. I cannot believe he ever played this badly at Reading. Step it up son or step aside.

Gardner. He was looking sharper than Sunday, however as the game wore on he began to lose it again and was outplayed and outmuscled. Got a silly yellow again.

Green. He played okay. Faded in the second.

Grealish. Good opening few minutes. Faded big time, then had a few minutes at the end when he came back into it.

Ayew. Pretty dreadful throughout. Got a goal, but nothing else. Nasty petulant foul. He needs to curb his temper.

McCormack. Seems like we threw money away so far. Offers very little. Took a decent corner. Could have been shown a straight red.

Gestede. Absolutely nothing.

Hutton.  He’s not as good as he thinks he is.