Alpay refuses to play for reserves

Last updated : 14 December 2002 By VillaMAD

But Taylor has warned the Turkish international that he may have to reconsider if he fails to move from Villa Park when the transfer window opens.

"Is there anyway back for Alpay? That depends on him," Taylor said.

"The impression I get is that he feels a club will come in for him.

"I am saying 'they can get in touch now if they want and we can sort it out' - but nobody has spoken to me."

"I could make him play for the reserves if I chose to do that, but I would be destroying the game for the rest of the players - which I am not prepared to do.

"He doesn't want to play in the reserves. We had a situation against Everton when we put out an experienced reserve side and he said he preferred not to play.

"He didn't say 'I'm not playing' but that he preferred not to play - and for me that tells you everything. Any senior player playing for the reserves has to have the right attitude."