Aston Villa Searching for Jack Grealish After Car Crash During Lockdown

​Aston Villa are believed to be looking for talks with midfielder Jack Grealish to question him over allegations that he was involved in a car accident following a late-night party.

Images emerged on social media of a damaged Range Rover which is said to have crashed into two parked cars, while Grealish also appears to have been photographed at the scene looking 'unsteady and confused'.

While the identity of the driver has not officially been revealed, ​The Sun carry plenty of witness reports claiming that Grealish had travelled for a party at former teammate Ross McCormack's flat, despite the UK being in lockdown amid the coronavirus crisis.

He is alleged to have crashed his luxury car into two stationary vehicles, before leaving his details with witnesses and quickly leaving the scene before the police arrived.

The incident came just hours as Grealish posted a message on social media encouraging his fans to 'stay home' during the lockdown, and only to leave their homes for important things like food shopping or exercise.

“To help save lives, you must stay at home," he said. "Only leave your house to buy food, to buy medicine or to exercise. And always remember to stay at least two metres apart. This is urgent. Protect the NHS. Stay home, save lives.”

​The Times add that ​Villa have been unable to contact Grealish in the aftermath of the incident, but they are seeking further clarification from the midfielder.

Police confirmed that they had the details of the driver but declined to give a name, instead simply insisting that they will be interviewed.

“The driver left his details with a member of the public at the scene before leaving on foot and will be spoken to by police in due course," a statement from West Midlands Police read. "Minor damage was caused to the parked vehicles.”

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Source : 90min