Darren Bent Rumours

Firstly, I believe this to be nothing more than opposition fans trying to derail the squad and supporter morale, and that it is nothing more than wild speculation.

However, there are rumours circulating that Darren Bent is starting to get restless in training and that QPR are looking to line up a bid for him. Why he would move from Villa to QPR is anyone's guess (no offence to QPR, but they are not a step up from Villa at the moment).

The other side of the coin is that Bent has not exactly shown a lot of club loyalty in the past, so it cannot be totally ruled out as a possiblity. Another factor is that Bent moved to Villa because of the goal supply in Young and Downing, which Lerner and McLeish spectacularly sold and replaced with an under-performing N'Zogbia.

The supporters can only hope that we keep hold of the striker, at least for a few seasons more, and hopefully make a profit if he does move. The unfortunate reality is that Lerner has made Villa one of the Premiership's foremost shop windows for good players. If clubs have money to spend, they can almost guarantee that Lerner will sell eventually.

Bent has not been on his best form of late, but his talents are essential for Villa. He was bought for a reason, and for once Villa need to make sure that this key player is kept.

Like I said, most likely to be wild speculation, but with a fraction of a chance that it is possible. 

What do people think? Is Bent a player Villa need to keep at all costs, or does he indeed have his price?

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