Dean Saunders Admits Liverpool Star Not Really a Midfielder After Paris Saint-Germain Defeat

​In the wake of ​Liverpool's defeat to Paris Saint-Germain on Wednesday, ex-Liverpool striker Dean Saunders has suggested that Jurgen Klopp's midfield 'looked a bit short last night' and needs to be revamped and revitalised.

In the middle of the park, ​​Liverpool struggled to deal with Paris Saint-Germain's blistering attacks. They now face the unwelcome task of having to beat ​Napoli at Anfield in their final group game by winning with a 1-0 scoreline, or by two clear goals.

Speaking on ​talkSport, Saunders argued that ​Liverpool got 'a bit outclassed in midfield', but also gave a critical analysis of ​James Milner's performance in Paris.

Despite converting a penalty in the 2-1 loss at Parc des Princes, the former Wales forward called Milner: "A great professional and he’s having a great season, but he’s not a centre midfield player really.

He’s a winger and he’s been a winger all his life, but he’s gone in there and he’s doing a great job, he’s got a great attitude."

Paris Saint-Germain v Liverpool - UEFA Champions League Group C

His measured appraisal of ​Liverpool's midfielder doesn't stop there, as he went on to discuss the relative shortcomings of the Reds' midfield trio against PSG. 

Saunders added: “Veratti dominated the midfield last night and Henderson, Wijnaldum and Milner, they’re lacking a bit of class, the three of them."

He continued: “Henderson’s got a brilliant attitude, too, but lacks a little bit of class. But Milner, Henderson and Wijnaldum, they can’t run a game of football. Paul Scholes, Roy Keane, Paul Ince, Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard – they all could – but Milner, Henderson and Wijnaldum can’t run a game of football. I thought they just got a bit outclassed in midfield last night.”

Paris Saint-Germain v Liverpool - UEFA Champions League Group C

The Reds have now suffered three away defeats in the Champions League group stages for the first time in their history. Liverpool have given themselves a mountain to climb to reach the last 16 by beating ​Napoli in a death-or-glory decider against Carlo Ancelotti's men on 11th December.

Source : 90min