Gerard Houllier fights back in Darren Bent saga

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Houllier says he bears no grudges over Bruce's comments but claimed 'some people are not telling the truth'.

On the defensive: Houllier insists Villa went about signing Darren Bent (left) 'the right way'

The Sunderland manager launched a personal attack on Houllier on Thursday night, saying: 'I would have liked a phone call from Mr Houllier, for whom I did have the utmost respect.'

'I would have thought that, out of respect, maybe he would have picked up the telephone to say, 'We are interested in buying your striker'. That at least would have given me an opportunity to try to do something about it,' Bruce added.

But Houllier defended his decision not to make contact with the Black Cats boss whentrying to sign Bent who moved for a club record £18million.

Hitting out: Bruce is furious with Houllier's conduct in the pursuit of Bent

'We have done things extremely right, properly, the right way,' the former Liverpool boss said.

'Paul Faulkner, our chief executive, was in contact with Niall Quinn (Sunderland chairman) and I was kept informed, step by step, during the negotiations.

'I thought, would assume, Niall did the same with Steve Bruce - unless he didn't.

'I was surprised by some of the declarations and thought, some people are not telling the truth.

In demand: Villa are among a number of clubs interested in Blackpool's influential skipper Charlie Adam

'Whether they want to protect themselves from the fans, I don't know. 'We are happy to have the player, they had the right to say no, but in fact, they just wanted the player for a certain bid.'

Houllier added: 'I have not spoken to Steve - and I won't. I may have a drink after the games. I am not bearing grudges.

'If I call him and say I want his player, he will go vocal and go public and it will be even worse.

'He is working for the interests of Sunderland, I am working for the interests of Aston Villa.'

On the warpath: Holloway claims Villa are trying to 'steal' Adam

Houllier is also adamant Villa did nothing wrong with their conduct inattempting to sign Blackpool midfielder Charlie Adam despite IanHolloway's outbursts.

On Thursday, the Tangerines boss said: 'They are trying to steal Charlie from me. I'm resigned to losing Charlie, but it should all be done respectfully, not by letting it be known you've made this bid or that bid.'

Regarding Holloway's claims, the Frenchman said: 'We did things right. 'We went straight to the club, we were quiet, we said nothing and finally it comes out in the press but not from Aston Villa.

'Holloway said we were insulting them. We made a bid, they said no and we respect that.'

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Source: Daily Mail

Source: Daily Mail