Holland deal looks doubtful

Last updated : 26 August 2002 By Holtender
And, the player's agent, Jonathan Barnett, agreed with the Villa boss, despite Holland believing it could yet be revived.

Taylor admitted: "It's not totally dead but it's looking that way. He's been offered more money than he's got at Ipswich, but after a long chat with him my feeling is that it's going to be difficult to move him out of what is a very satisfactory life for him.

"That's not meant as criticism of Matt in any way because if it was simply just about money I'm not so certain that I would have wanted him to come anyhow.

"So we're going to have to do well to convince him. It's not yet dead, but it looks as if it's dying. He is a sensible fella looking at the quality of life that he's got now, and saying: Do I really want to uproot what I've got?"

Hollands agent Jonathon Barnett agreed with that view: "There's no discussions or anything planned. I'd say it's dying," he said.