Same score. Same scorers

Last updated : 27 December 2010 By Stateside Villa

Villa and Spurs re enacted the game at White Hart Lane on Boxing day in reverse, with this time Spurs starting stronger and scoring 2 goals while Villa finished well and added an Albrighton goal.

If Villa don't see the flying Dutchman Van Der Vaart again for another decade it will be too soon. The Spurs brilliant signing has now notched 4 goals in 2 games against Villa. Even Robbie Keane will be jealous.

The game would have been a completely different one with a good referee. Martin Atkinson's decisions were so laughable, I thought it was Rowan Atkinson (pre Bean, that is)

Villa should have had 2 penalties by the letter of the law and possibly a 3rd by half time when Albrighton was clattered into by Assou-Ekotto. Spurs were victimized too. Defoe was sent off for raising his arm to add leverage to a leap. He caught Collins in the face. A foul? Yes. A warning? Yes. A Yellow? A bit harsh. A red? Ridiculous.

Hutton was given a strange yellow when Albrighton clattered into him and minutes later a much worse tackle by a Spurs player was completely ignored. A free kick was given. Albrighton meanwhile seemed to be fouling at will in the final twenty minutes without any cards being brandished. Very strange.

Spurs must have felt hard done by with a goal that was ruled out when Heskey allowed the ball to go out of play. Spurs appeared to keep the play alive and Kaboul stroked the ball home. The linesman decided the ball was out and he had a better position than the cameras that were inconclusive especially with a FOX advertisment blacking out the goal line.

Friedel actually did something I've been crying for when he made one of those impossibe saves he's made over the last few seasons. Defoes chip should have been in the net, but, somehow Brad made the save.

Lichaj looked very good and kept Bale mostly in check. Warnock showed a lot of bravery again and anticipated well, but, missed Hutton running free down the wing all alone. Where was Downing?

Collins. Looked slow when he tried to lunge at Bale and missed. That set up the second goal. Cuellar. Was very solid.

Delph. Nice to have him back, now back to  training, son. His passing that is normally his hallmark was way off the mark. He had one gorgeous crossfield pass, but missed on too many occasions.

Hogg. Needs to calm down. He would have been red carded on his next mistimed tackle.

Petrov, really didn't add much. Needs a few games back. Plus, he was more of an attacking mid in this game.

Pires. Had some nice touches, but, why was he on? Albrighton had a good game. He had a tough time with a difficult left back. He was better on the left and Harry had to put Palacious as a spy on him.

Downing was mostly invisivble. He really missed Ashley Young. But, his failure to track back on both goals cost us. He was the left winger when Hutton ran free and he was one of 5 defenders on the 2nd goal, but, he stopped.

Heskey and Agnbonlahor both worked hard, but with their back to goal would play the ball back into midfield and we looked predictable, whilst Delfouneso tried to turn and attack and it actually shook the Spurs defence a little.

Houllier, he has 2 players back and we lost, so the excuses will soon stop working. His last chance is in next weeks window. Villa fans are demanding it be good.