'Sutton will play again'

Sutton, 33 sustained an eye injury in the clash with Manure in December, and has not played since, due to blurred vision. It was feared the former Blackburn, Norwich and Chelsea striker may not play professional football again, but these fears now appear unfounded. Sutton's agent told the BBC: "It's too premature to say, I'm confident he will play again, but the main concern is for his health…he's not going to have a long term problem with his eye."

As for his private life, Villa chief Martin ONeill revealed that Sutton hasn't been greatly affected by the affliction: "He can go about his daily life, but if his other eye was like it he would be in a spot of bother." Surgery doesn't seem to be on the cards however, it seems to be more of a case of time being the best healer. "It is not like he can take a tablet and everything will be okay tomorrow," McGill added. "We will just see how it all pans out. It is a case of one step at a time." For now though, Villa fans and team mates are going to have to have to wait a little longer for the experienced head of Chris Sutton to return to action.