Taylor hugely disappointed with performance.

Last updated : 02 September 2002 By Holtender
Taylor said: “That’s the worst we’ve played all season. Michael Ricketts began to battle and disturbed one or two of our central defenders, then the second ball was won by a very competitive Bolton side. But that wasn't anything that wasn't told to our players prior to coming out.

"We told them this was going to be a different type of game. This wasn't going to be a game where we could just stroll and knock the ball about.

"I told them there would be competition all over the pitch and I don't think we took that on board.

"We lacked that positiveness. We didn't use our heads. I say 'Come on. Use your brains!' You've got to be mentally strong to do these kind of things. I just felt at half-time it hadn't been a very good game at all and I thought we could go out and take hold of the situation.

"But we didn't and we paid the price. I'm just disappointed in the manner we played the game."