Taylor pleased with players

Last updated : 19 August 2002 By Holtender

The Villa manager said: "We are probably at a stage like Liverpool three years ago when Gerard Houllier took over.

"I thought we made it very tight for them and were unfortunate with the goal when Mark Delaney slipped, although the defending wasn't very good with the break.

"But overall I was very pleased with the players."

Taylor added: "Liverpool have got a strong togetherness and good players. You can't afford to go chasing the game against them because they will pick you off - and that was the difference.

"One nil was about right because of the chances they had - but it would have been interesting if we had converted one of our earlier chances.

"Everyone has given the title to Manchester United, Arsenal or Liverpool but they did not trample over us today.

"We've got to form a base and be strong. And I saw signs of that today."