Taylor wants same again

Last updated : 01 November 2002 By VillaMAD
Taylor told www.avfc.co.uk: "To a degree the away jinx is over but we need to get some wins in there. Hopefully it's given everyone a bit of a lift into the Blackburn game, which on the face of it is another difficult game because they are doing so well.

"My view is that we need to make it difficult for Blackburn. I've always been a big believer that if you play good teams with good players, the object is to challenge them to make them play as well as they can.

"Sometimes you'll be surprised how many times that they don't rise to that challenge. The worst thing you can do is go to a Manchester United, Arsenal or Liverpool and not challenge them. You come back having lost 2-0 and haven't really challenged them.

"The pleasing thing against United was that we did challenge them, they did raise their game in the second half- there's no denying that. They threw the big centre-half up front (Laurent Blanc) in the last few minutes, it's amazing but they're not supposed to play like that.

"But it was good to come out of their with some plaudits for the players for a change, because we all like a little bit of sugar somewhere down the line.”

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