The Best Hummel Football Kits of All Time - Ranked

Everton have agreed a club-record deal to switch kit manufacturers from Umbro to Danish brand Hummel.

This is good.

Why? Because in a world of cookie-cutter templates and 'meh, that'll do' designs, the chevron enthusiasts at Hummel have consistently produced some of the world's coolest kits for decades.

Don't believe me? Wrap your retinas around some seriously hard garm...

10. Zanzibar - 2011/13

While you will most likely be familiar with Hummel for their Denmark national team designs, they have also worked with an assortment of other sides internationally, from Tibet to the Afghan women's team.

For sheer out-there-ness this 2011/13 Zanzibar effort for the VIVA Cup - featuring leopard-print detailing and a great big cat's head - takes some beating.

9. Recreativo Huelva - 2012/13

Ok, it did cause minor uproar among fans upon its release but this away kit (inspired by the Andalusian summer feria and flamenco) is certainly unique.

For more avant-garde Spanish designs see also: Cultural Leonesa's infamous tuxedo design.

8. Real Madrid - 1990/92

Emilio Butragueno of Real Madrid

Kitting out Real Madrid's 'Vulture Squad' in the late eighties and early nineties, this simplistic home effort (1990/92) from Hummel was the pick of the bunch.

Who doesn't love a purple chevron?

7. Coventry - 2019/20

Coventry City v Sunderland - Sky Bet League One

With a nod to their 1980s heyday, Hummel's design for the Sky Blues for the 2019/20 is so classy it could even make club fan Richard Keys look good.


6. Aston Villa - 1987/89

Martin Keown Aston Villa v Liverpool FA Cup 4th Round 1988

Hummel's half-and-half, pinstripe kit for Villa during their promotion season in 1987/88 was, and correct me if I'm wrong here, A Drip.

The design may be a bit of a visual assault but it has, nevertheless, endured to become a retro classic and regularly tops best-ever polls among Villa fans.

Also, yes that is a young Martin Keown with a perm but try to look at the shirt.

5. Go Ahead Eagles - 2019/20

Everyone's favourite Dutch team got one of the all-time great away kits for this season, which featured a dark grey tonal graphic print with gold lettering... and cool zig zags and that.

Verdict: wavy.

4. Wimbledon - 1988/89

In the follow-up season to their historic FA Cup win over Liverpool, the Crazy Gang were kitted out in this beauty.

Chevrons, check. Tonal stuff, check. Nice collar, check. Use of complementary colours, check.

3. V-Varen Nagasaki - 2019/20 Peace Kit

Since 2015, V-Varen Nagasaki have worn a special edition 'peace jersey' to commemorate the anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on the city.

This 2017 edition in light blue, featuring origami cranes (a symbol of peace) is a proper stunner.

2. Tottenham 1985/87

Osvaldo Ardiles and Diego Maradona

A Tottenham kit so iconic even Diego Maradona wore it*.

The challenge for Everton now is a kit that (somehow) reels in Lionel Messi.

*once for his mate Ossie Ardiles' testimonial.

1. Denmark - 1986

Sorry, for making you scroll all the way through only to end up with the most obvious answer but it couldn't really be anything else, could it?

Still, this shirt defined an era for the 'Danish Dynamite' and has set style standards that are still trying to be emulated over 30 years on.

Source : 90min