Transfer Boredom - Economy or Lerner?

Last updated : 27 January 2012 By Matt LeCameron

In years gone by, the internet and press have been alight with outlandish rumours and speculation about players going in and out of Villa (mostly out in recent years), but this year there is barely anything to write about.

It seems to be a quiet month for all clubs at present with regards to actually putting pen to paper, but there still seems to be rumours for other clubs. The only ones for Villa have been one for Liam Ridgewell (which turned out, thankfully, to be the Baggies) and one from Gary Gardner saying he would like his brother to return (not such a bad move, but this is not even a transfer rumour).

So, with things being so very quiet at the moment at Villa Park, is it an indication of the ecomony, or an indication of Randy Lerner and his own objectives? Is it that money is tight all around and clubs are leaving it later in the window to grab the bargains, or has Lerner closed the wallet to the bargains too?

Whilst some may argue that the economy is to blame, there is certainly an argument that Lerner is now the salesman rather than the investor. With players going out on loan when Villa is in need of reinforcements, particularly in midfield, it points more towards Lerner being intent on getting players off the books, if only temporarily. I will, however, predict offers for, and sales of, the Fonz and Delph after going out on loan.

It was certainly entertaining in years gone by to get the rumours flying about. Who could Villa be buying? Who is looking to leave? But the quiet in this window points to the objectives of the owner when nobody is even bothering to start rumours about Villa.

There are a few days to go yet, but it appears that the manager and the owner have made any rumours completely unrealistic before they have even started.

European football at Villa Park may soon be something that can only be read about in the history books. It is downbeat, and bleak, but there are very few other ways to look at it.

May be they will surprise us all with another Darren Bent.

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