Twitter Erupts as Sheffield United are Denied Clear Goal by (Lack of) Goal-Line Technology

We were, what, 40 minutes into the return of the Premier League we've all been craving SO much, and already there has been incredible controversy.

You can't write this stuff.

As Aston Villa host Sheffield United in the first game of top flight English football for 100 days, all the talk following the game will not be centred around our wonderful league returning, but instead about how goal-line technology seemingly missed the memo.

A long free-kick was pumped into the Villa box and it seemed as if Orjan Nyland would have a simple take to keep the scores level. He was mostly unchallenged, so, simple collection and then back on the attack, right?

Ohhhhhh no, this is the Premier League, it's never quite that simple.

The Norwegian goalkeeper fumbled with the ball, but with his momentum taking him backwards, he fell into his own net with the ball still in his grasp. There was a little nudge from the Villa's Keinan Davis that didn't help, and the unfortunate inevitable happened: an own-goal.


I mean, it was clear. Nyland CLEARLY carried the ball into his own net. The ball was so far behind the line that Michael Oliver's neat little watch was going to vibrate and give the away side a goal.

Not quite.

Despite literally everyone on planet earth seeing the ball go well beyond the goal line, nothing happened. No call from Oliver, no first Premier League goal in over three months. Nothing. Replays confirmed what we all already knew - even if it wasn't shown up with the neat little graphic we get when the technology is needed.

What on earth happened? Moreover, what on earth didn't happen?

Twitter reacted accordingly, of course.

One club in particular were not best pleased.

Some weighed in with their thoughts about what could possibly have happened.

Well, guys and girls, the Premier League is back alright....

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Source : 90min