Villa Park Revolution?

Last updated : 11 July 2012 By Matt LeCameron

Like many other Villa fans, the departure of McLeish was welcomed, as were the overtures of a 'fresh start' for Villa Park. In the post O'Neill days there has been a string of questionable appointments and the inevitable unrest that has come with them.

Lambert has been widely accepted as a good choice (although there is a chance that the Villa board could be kicking themselves for not waiting for Harry Redknapp), but the so-called revolution that was hinted at by Paul Faulkner has been very slow to get going. It was refreshing for Faulkner to actually acknowledge in interviews that the Villa season was unacceptable and that further investment would be given to the new manager.

It may be a good thing that it is all being done low-key, and that Villa will simply burst into the new EPL campaign with exciting football, but the introduction of just two new players thus far (both undoubtedly talented but not high profile players), causes concern that once again the squad will be stretched if injuries occur. This is especially concerning when the departures of Heskey, Cueller, Beye, etc. are taken into consideration. They were never key players, but fulfilled the role if required.

It may well be the case that Lambert is waiting for last minute bargains, and will bring in much more talent before we kick of next month. But, at present, there may be a bit of concern amongst Villa fans that the necessary players are not being brought in. We don't want the bargain basement leftovers. If Villa are to re-ignite a European campaign, the revolution needs to step up a little.

Personally, I welcome Lambert and think he could be excellent for Villa. I just hope Lerner and Faulkner don't sell him down the river with another empty promise.